DFC die cutters

The Digital Flexible Cut die-cutters are specially designed for the digital printer.
A proven design initially only distributed by Ernst Nagel in Germany. Through the years the concept was further developed resulting in the modular DFC PRO available in various sizes and in 2 or 3 cylinder version.


  • Very fast set up time, maximum 3 minutes
  • Low waste max. 5 sheets
  • No skilled operator required
  • Save to operate
  • Low tooling costs
  • Long life cycle of dies
  • Modular, adaptable construction
  • Print mark register possible as option
  • No tool operation
  • Professional cutting and creasing results
  • No compressed air required
  • Very easy to install because of the integrated vacuum pump
  • Ergonomic positioned control panel
  • Operating errors virtually eliminated by fixed cutting gap
  • Solid construction

Technical Specifications

DFC PRO SRA3 version SRA2 version3 Cilinder version
Min. sheet size in mm160 x 120160 x 120160 x 120
Max. sheet size in mm500 x 350640 x 450550 x 400
Min. substrate thickness in micron505050
Max. substrate thickness in micron700*700*600
Feederpack or pilepack or pilepack or pile
Stack/pile height in mm60 or 63060 or 63060 or 630
Standard die thickness in mm0,8 / 1,0 / 1,20,8 / 1,0 /1,20,8
Circumferential register360 °360 °360
Lateral adjustment in mm5 +/-5 +/-5 +/-
Type of anvilstandard or magneticstandard or magneticstandard and magnetic
Circumference die cylinder in mm508647,7
Circumference anvil cylinder in mm508647,7
Speed in sheets/hour2000**2000**2000**
Speed in sheets/hour with register control4000**4000**6000**
Dimensions in cm (approx.)300 x 80 x 110300 x 90 x 120320 x 90 x 120
Weight in Kg  (approx.)530650900

Description in detail

An economic design combined with reliability offers fast make ready with virtually no waste. The machines do not require special operator skills and can be operated after a short training, explaining the functions. Flexible dies mounted on a magnetic cylinder running against an anvil cylinder with a fixed gap assure perfect cutting.
The fixed cutting gap avoids operator errors that might damage the flexible die.
Creasing jobs require a counter line; this counter line can be fixed to the anvil cylinder with double-sided adhesive tape. It is possible to replace the standard anvil cylinder by a second magnetic cylinder for frequent creasing job changes. In this case 2 flexible dies are used, the top die with the cutting lines and male creasing lines and the bottom die with the anvil lines and the female counter creasing lines.
The 3-cylinder version has 2 counter cylinders, a standard hardened anvil and a magnetic counter cylinder mounted in a carousel. The counter cylinders can be changed in 2 minutes.


DFCC PRO-3C, 3 cylinder technology with pile feeder.


DFCC PRO-3C, 3 cylinder technology with pack feeder.


DFCC PRO-3C with double anvil.


DFC die cutting unit with infeed.


DFC with simple delivery table.


DFC with pack feeder and reception wheel.

double sheet control

Double sheet control.


DFC with high pile feeder and high pile deilvery.


High pile feeder.

Modules available

  • Pack feeder for short run
  • Pile feeder for longer runs and heavy stock
  • Sheet edge register as budget solution
  • Print mark register for highest quality demands
  • Delivery table for very short run
  • Reception belt for pressure sensitive materials
  • Reception wheel for trouble free stacking
  • High pile delivery for the bigger volumes
  • Automatic waste stripper for highest yield and quality


DFC with delivery belt for seladhesive labels.

IMG_0345 alignment belt

Alignment belt.


High pile delivery.


Pressure gauge.


Pack feeder.


Interchangeable cylinders.


DFC with pile feeder and reception wheel.


DFC with pile feeder and reception wheel.


DFC PRO with AWSD running boxes.

DFC PRO running A4 presentation map.

DFC reception wheel.

DFC HIGH PILE – die cutting machine.

DFCX short run die cutter.

DFC (Passport RFID) rotary sheet fed die cutter.

DFC, DFCX sheetfed die-cutting machine.

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