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In case you are searching for a die cutter machine for paper, it is recommendable to contact a specialist in the field of die cutting machines, such as Beek Graphic Trading. Robert Beumer, founder of this company, started his career in the graphic industry in 1979 as a service engineer but became production manager at a printer in 1989. After travelling as an independent service engineer, he founded Beek Graphic Trading in 1991. Thanks to his knowledge of and experience with the printing and paper processing industry, this company can offer its clients the best die cutting technology.

Die cutter machine for paper: continuously improved

Beek Graphic Trading continuously improves the machines it offers. We strive to stay ahead in the market and to meet the needs of our clients. Therefore, Beek Graphic Trading is the place to be if you want to buy a die cutter machine for paper. Are you going to use a die cutter machine for paper for high volume productions? Then our Offset Flexible Cut die-cutters are very suitable, since they are specially designed for the high volume digital market. Does your company rather produce small series? We would like to advise you to order one of our Digital Flexible Cut die-cutters.

Delivery at location

In case you order a die cutter machine for paper at Beek Graphic Trading, we deliver your machine at any preferred location. You can also rely on our technical specialists if your machine must be repaired. For more information about our products and services, you can call at +31 55 35 60 853.

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