Nagel die-cutter

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For the best Nagel die cutter in the world, you can contact Beek Graphic Trading. At BN Graphic Service, the designer of the machine we have achieved a production speed with this die-cutter of 2000 sheets/hour Special constructions with very high precision are required because the difference between a good or bad cut is only a few microns. This same technology is used in all our die-cutters.

The best Nagel die-cutter in Europe

Our Nagel die-cutter allows you to: cut through, kiss through, emboss and crease. Simply by putting the die on the magnetic cylinder you can process regular or irregular shaped products with materials such as: paper, cardboard, pressure sensitive materials of any kind, transparencies, laminated foils and plastic materials. The Nagel die cutter was specially designed for Nagel by BNG for the digital market. The succes of this model made us decide to extend the range of machines with larger sizes. Rotary die-cutting can be done off line or in line, For off line or in line applications we can offer you custom made equipment according to your requirements. You can fill in our contact form for a detailed quote. At Beek Graphic Trading we have many machines to meet your needs, like our DFC die-cutter, DFCX die-cutter, OFC die-cutter and OFCX die cutter.

Many advantages

Working with our Nagel die-cutter machines brings you many advantages: very fast set up time of maximum 3 minutes, set waste max. 5 sheets, feeder refill during the run, low tooling costs, positioning reference of die plate, long life cycle of dies, interchangeable magnetic cylinder for different gap requirement, no skilled operator required and many more. Beek Graphic Trading operates all over the world, for contact information of our agents in the world you can visit our contactpage. For any other questions about Beek Graphic Trading or our Nagel die-cutter products you can contact the head office at: +31 55 3560853 or e-mail us

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