Rotary perforating machine

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Beek Graphic Trading operates worldwide by providing high quality rotary perforating machines. We provide the best die cutting machines that meet all the needs of our customers. We are more than thirty years active in this industry and are based in the Netherlands. We provide assembly, installation and training of the best quality.

Rotary perforating machine: made with better technology and materials

Initially we have started by providing cutters for rotary offset presses. Over the years we have developed and incorporated better technology and materials. Our rotary perforating machines provides our customers many benefits, such as low cost, low waste and high set up time. The rotary perforating machine is able to process different types of materials such as cardboard, plastics and paper.

Receive more information: contact us

Would you like to receive more information regarding our rotary perforating machines? Beek graphic trading is more than happy to assist you with your questions and requests. You can send your questions and inquiries via our online contact form, or You can also call us via +31 55 3560853. We have agents in Europe, Africa, North and South America please visit our website for one of our agents in your region.

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