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The technical specialists at BN Graphic Service can overhaul your entire graphic machine park or parts of it, either in our own workshop or at site. Have you purchased a used machine? BN Graphic Service revises, repairs, and puts the machine at location for you.



Our specialists, trained by manufacturers and importers, are familiar with the most common faults and problems that can occur in graphic machines. We will try to solve the problem on the spot for you as soon as possible. For large defects, we have the backup of a specialized workshop. Do you have a malfunctioning machine or does it require maintenance, call us, in order to help you as soon as possible.


Moving machines is a substantial and time-consuming change. Whether it is within your own facilities or to a complete different building, a move interrupts your work and is always a temporal threat for productivity and profitability. Moving has to be done efficient and as quickly as possible within a given time frame and last but not least, within the budget agreed for. BN Graphic Service can fulfill all your requirements without constraints.



In-house complete engineering projects are realized like in-line die cutting units, either from the reel or sheet, paper unwinding and/or rewinding, synchronization of different components or integration of various finishing modules. Many of our clients have achieved production efficiency improvements by us, sometimes with simple solutions. Our engineers have years of experience in the printing and paper processing industry and can advise you about possible efficiency improvements.



Continuous investigation and development are done for improving our range of machines. The first rotary sheet fed die cutter was introduced in 2007, a world premiere! Our continuous efforts resulted in the best die cutting technology worldwide.


The factory

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